List Of Commodities Kenyans To Pay More Tax On Apart From Fuel. Kenyans Are Not Aware.

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If you think that your life is already hard and that your are already broke, then you are wrong. What you need to do is to prepare yourself because life is likely to be more harder if members of parliament will vote to approve the tax proposal memo from the president on the financial bill of 2018. There are many other commodities president Uhuru Kenyatta proposes additional taxes on but Kenyans are not aware of.

Lets look at those commodities one by one and how taxes is expected to go up on each.


So lets start with one of the most commodity in the country which is kerosene. With kerosene, president Uhuru Kenyatta is introducing Ksh. 18 tax per every litre of kerosene under the name adulteration tax. Kerosene currently retails at Ksh. 97.70 in Nairobi which factors in tth 165 VAT. Now with the new tax, that price is expected to go up from ksh. 97.70 to ksh. 112.15.

Mobile Airtime And Mobile Data.

Mobile data charges and  mobile talk time services. Am sure most of the Kenyans have mobile phones and now  as things does by, using your phone is now going to be expensive. Currently people have been complaining on how their airtime and data bundles are running out. This is even about to get more costly as the president proposes that the tax moves from the current 10% to 15%. This simply means that currently for every one Ksh. 100 you spent buying airtime or data bundles, ksh. 10 goes to tax but now if the president proposal is approved, for every Ksh. 100 you spent, Ksh. 15 goes to tax.

Mobile Money Cash Transfer e.g M-Pesa.

What the president want is you to pay more taxes to move money across mobile platforms like M-peasa, Airtel money and many more. In the 2018/2019 budget, the treasury cabinet secretary Henry Rotich had propose to increase the tax on mobile money cash transfer from the current 10% to 12% but then many people complained but now president Uhuru Kenyatta is proposing to increase this tax to a farther 20%.


For the betting lovers who normally bet on sportpesa and other betting sites, president Uhuru Kenyatta proposes that for every winning, you are required to pay a tax of 20%. This means if you win for example Ksh. 100,000 you will have to pay Ksh. 20,000 tax. Unlike before where you could take all your winnings. But as the president propose to tax the winnings.

Housing Plan.

The current budget proposes a housing tax of 1%. 0.5% contribution by the employer and 0.5% contribution by the employee but members shoot down the proposal. However, president Uhuru Kenyatta not only want this tax to stay but to increase this tax to 3%. 1.5% from the employer and 1.5% from the employee.


This is a bitter proposal for the chocolate lovers as the president proposes that for every kilo of chocolate you are going to buy, you will be required to pay tax of Ksh. 20. This simply means for every Ksh. 1000 you spent on chocolates, Ksh. 200 goes to taxes.

Bank Fees.

President Uhuru Kenyatta propose to increase bank fees from the current 10% to 20% on every transaction you make. This means for instant the normal Ksh. 30 you pay for ATM transaction, the government will take Ksh. 6 instead of Ksh. 3. This also means it will also affect bank revenues. And it is likely to be passed on to you and increase the amount you are charged on transaction.

So all those are alot of taxes you need to prepare yourselves for. That is what the president wants and his wish may just be your command if the national assembly gives the memo a green light as the government seeks to raise more money for the development agenda popularly known as BIG 4.

Shocking Facts About Pumwani Maternity Hospital.

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Many people from Nairobi County and even those outside the city county normally support Gov. Mike Mbuvi Sonko   on many issues regarding, cartels, land grabbing and beautification of Nairobi City County. Governor Mike Sonko is well know to be a leader who normally fights tirelessly for the poor in society.

However, many Kenyans are now strongly  against the PR stunt Gov Mike Mbuvi Sonko pulled yesterday at Pumwani Maternity Hospital without caring to establish facts about the maternity hospital after getting information  from an uninformed member of public. Below are facts about the Pumwani maternity hospital.

Facts About Pumwani Maternity Hospital.

  1. Pumwani maternity hospital has no morgue. Never has. All bodies of the deceased mothers, newborns and stillbirths are collected by the city mortuary morticians in the morning. Before, the bodies was collected daily but nowadays it happens on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays of every week.
  2.  For little angels who pass on before birth or in the new born units due to complications at Pumwani maternity hospital, the families have the option of taking them to bury or they can give them up and the hospital then has them buried. This happens in both public and private sector, permissible by law.
  3.  There are no body bags in the Pumwani maternity hospital to keep the deceased in before transfer to the morgue. Hospital staff have to do with what is available. Carton boxes and plastic disposal bags are the most available temporary storage for these little angels.
  4.  Every deceased person, irrespective of age, is registered in the death notification register provided by the registrar of persons (births and deaths). Each of these little ones is moved to city mortuary with an attached notification. They are not just statistics. Pumwani maternity hospital has accounted for 6 deaths in the period between Friday 14th to Sunday 16th. Only 6 deaths are listed. This number is against 156 deliveries conducted in the said period. Being a referral hospital receiving complicated cases, this is not uncommon.
  5. But did governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko bother to find out this? No. He chose to call it sinister because he did not understand it. He proceeded to suspend the team without investigation.
  6. Healthcare in Kenya is in the dumps right now. It is decisions like this that bury it further. Nairobi’s scorecard is not looking good. Then again, how can it when top leadership prefers to rule in this manner? Populist actions won’t stop babies from dying.


  •  Apologize Publicly to the senior administration staff of Pumwani Maternity Hospital for suspending them because he may have been wrongly advised by some malicious characters.
  • Lift the unlawful suspension of the senior staff whom you suspended irregularly based on misplaced emotions yesterday.
  • Budget for adequate incubators for Pumwani Maternity Hospital. Enough Incubators is what is required in any maternity hospital.
  • Increase the budgetary allocations for body bags at Pumwani Maternity Hospital as people of Nairobi are waiting for the prioritization and construction of a state of the art morgue at the hospital.
  • Budget for the construction of a state of the art morgue at Pumwani Maternity Hospital and set aside adequate funds for its operations and maintenance. It might just be the legacy you leave behind for  people of Nairobi county to remember you for once you leave office.
  • Budget for an incinerator for the hospital.
  • And lastly sack all your advisers on matters county health and replace them with knowledgeable individuals with requisite competencies on matters health.

Live of every Kenyan must be protected at all cost, health issues are very delicate and therefore requires a good running system with no mistake because any mistake is likely to cost a Kenyan live.

Bonface Sila Munyao
Concerned Nairobi City County Resident.

Why President Uhuru Must Save Kenya Now And Not Tomorrow.

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The country is going through a storm. The economy is not stable and what is worrying is that the countries that have gone through where we are now have come out beaten, shaken and some of those countries governments have fallen.

As a country we must put forward our best foot to make sure that we over come this challenging storm. But then the responsibility stops with the captain. The captain must bring his skills together. The president of Kenya must at this time going forward making those decision that are in the best interest of the country. And this decisions ought to be bold and firm.

That brings us to the VAT act where the president has been asked by the parliament to accept that we postponed the implementation date of the VAT charged on the petroleum products by another two years. Instead, the president have proposed that the 16% VAT be reduced to 8%. This shows lack of firmness from from the president side.

This is a time ‘dilemma’ can not work, you are either on the left on the right. The president must therefore only make firm decisions. Reducing VAT from 16% to 8% is not addressing what was put before him. Parliament asked him to agree, which means he was either to agree or to reject and give his reasons for not accepting that we postponed the implementation date.

Changing from 16% to 8% simply means the president is doing the work of the parliament because president requires substantive law to do that and laws are not made in statehouse, laws are only made in parliament.

The country of Kenya must choose either of the two side, left or right. If we go left, we remain a third world country within the arm-beat of the world bank with its IMF. We will be people who care what IMF is saying, What London club is saying, what the Bahrain club is saying, how the bond market is responding and we could care to know about borrowing. If Kenya chose to remain within that cycle then Kenya would have to respect what world bank says.

VAT on the petroleum products is just one of  the things we will have to do and if not, soon we will be told to devalue our shillings among a host of other measures Kenyans will be forced to do in order to remain credit worth and in order to remain a going concern in the thinking of the IMF.

So VAT is just a clear path that we needs to take. We can not have our cake and eat it. Either we are in that arm beat of IMF and world bank, we continue to borrow from China, we continue to auction the country, we reach a point where we are slaves and we reach a point where some of our facilities like ports would have to go to the Chinese.

If Kenya continue to borrow and later fails to pay the loans, we shall in future unseat some of our lands to the Chinese in a sense that Kenya is becoming a Chinese colony.

The other paths is for us to agree that the formula we have been using for development in Africa, can not work for us. The structural adjustments programs and all other things that have come our way from IMF have never work. So we can choose to ignore IMF and world bank and chose a new path. And for this to happen, it requires some boldness and leadership.

Another better option is we chat a new way of doing things in Africa. Where we trade among ourselves as Africans. Where we deal with the Chinese, Americans and the Europeans as equal partners in the market. But as long as we depend on this people, we will never develop, we will become slaves and we will have to do what they say.

So the president must make a very strong and bold decision on how he wants to run the economy of Kenya.

Why Ruto Will Be Kenya’s 5th President In 2022.

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It is now becoming clear that the ‘Handshake’ is all about 2022. Ruto visit to Kabarak to see former president Gideon Moi and what happens there after leaves no doubt in the minds of many Kenyans that the handshake between Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga is about 2022.

It is now becoming clear and observers of Kenya’s political scene seems to agree on two things;

  1. That the handshake is about 2022 and Gideon Moi and few other people who only a few years ago were not considered serious contenders for the presidency are assembling and could offer competition  to establish names. In this scheme of things, deputy president William Samoe Ruto does not appear to be the person Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga have in mind for 2022.
  2. It is also becoming clear by the day that many observers and indeed the schemers of the handshake believes that Ruto  is no match to the combined forces of Raila Odinda and Uhuru Kenyatta. They believe that Ruto’s money and resources will be of no match to the old money of the established families.

The sad news for those who believes in the above two statement is that Uhuru Kenyatta, Raila Odinga and Gideon Moi may be in for surprises. William Samoe Ruto may actual win to become the 5th president of the republic of Kenya. Why?

  1. William Ruto have been under-rated. William Ruto is not a man to under-rate. Even in football where Raila Odinga is good at, when you under rate your opponent sometimes you get disappointed.
  2. Uhuru Kenyatta, Raila Odinga and Gideon Moi are going to make alot of blunders. The first major blunder was made at Uhuru Park on 1st of May 2018  by Francis Atwoli when he told Kenyans that president Uhuru Kenyatta is too young to retire in 2022. What people thing about it today, it did not resonate with people and people are very angry about the statement.
  3. Other blunder they will make soon is that they will force some kind of power sharing. First this is something many Kenyans are against. Both Raila and Uhuru Kenyatta had encourage Kenyans about that. They made Kenyans believe that power sharing is nowhere in their scheme of things. So Kenyans are justified if they reject this but it seems Riala and Uhuru are going to do this. Apart from Kenyans resenting, that alone will create enemies between Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta camp because to introduce Raila people in the cabinet Uhuru will be forced to remove some of his people from the cabinet in order to fix Raila people. And the sure thing here is that those people who will be forced out of the cabinet will be allied to William Ruto. So people will also give William Ruto sympathy vote comes 2022.
  4. The other blunder that they are likely to make will arise when they finally unveil their team. Their candidate for 2022 will create more rift within Jubilee and NASA.

And because of all the above blunders, William Ruto might just as well beat them in 2022. William Ruto is a fighter, he is a hard worker and he will many Kenyans who will be behind him.

The only best advice to William Samoe Ruto is that he needs to learn how to be a Kelenjin from Gideon Moi. It is surprising that William Ruto who was brought up in the village is less Kalenjin than Gideon Moi who is an urban kid. Gideon Moi was brought up by His father Daniel Moi different from the way Jomo Kenyatta brought up Uhuru Kenyatta to be a real Kikuyu young man. Gideon Moi who can’t even speak good Kalenjin or good Swahili seems to be a real Kalenjin.

The way William Ruto is running up and down show signs of panic. Until now Gideon Moi has not even stated categorically that he wants the presidency, he has not made any move, there are no major announcement from him about the presidency. William Ruto is the one dragging him into it. William Ruto should learn from Gideons father who for 12 years as vice president, he was humiliated, he went through alot and that is why he was called a passing cloud.

The only thing William Ruto needs to do is to stop Murkomen, Duale and other leaders from talking on behave of him and instead sit back an watch them make blunders and he could just become the 5th president of the republic of Kenya.

President Uhuru Speech AS He Address The Nation On 16% VAT.

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Fellow Kenyans, as the president i have a constitutional duty to ensure that legislative instruments presented for my signature conform to our national aspirations and fulfill government basic obligations to our people and also to ensure that they are implementable.

The Finance bill 2018/2019 brought to me yesterday felt short of this threshold. It protected the status quo and sacrificed our bigger vision. It took the easy part instead of rising to the challenges of our time. It was good politics, but bad leadership.

As you already might know, i returned it to parliament with the number of modifications designed to cure this short comings. Ladies and gentlemen, the 2010 constitution widens Kenya’s democratic space. It also fundamentally altered the structures and function of government.

With Our new constitution, we have seen substantial increase in political representation at every level. We now have two houses of parliament. The national assembly has grown from a membership of 290 to 349. And our new senate has 67 elected and nominated members. We also have 47 governors, 47 deputy governors and 47 new counties assemblies in which sit more than 1000 members of county assembly. Additionally we have 16 independent offices and commissions excluding our judiciary. As you can see the enjoyment of the new rights that we gave ourselves in 2010 has been expensive. We are all very proud at a speed which we have implemented the new constitution and devolve government to the people.

We have already transferred over one trillion Kenya shillings to county governments since 2013. We have as a results seen major improvement in service delivery and also improvements in the lives of Kenyans. And that is why we will continue to protect devolution and our constitutional order not withstanding the cost.

In addition to supporting devolution, your taxes have also been used for a very aggressive and successful development agenda. Today millions of Kenyans travel on new roads build by my administration and other roads are still under construction. Millions of homes have been connected with electricity and our mothers now have access to safer and cheaper maternal care. In addition to free primary education, parents today can now sent their children to day secondary schools and free textbooks are available for our children.

I wish just to remind Kenyans that Memorandum of understanding  between Kenya and the United States of America for direct flights was signed in 2008 and its only now after consistent investments in the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport under my administration, that the first direct flight to America has become a reality. And the Standard Gauge Railway has been nothing short of transformation build in record time between Mombasa and Nairobi.

On the Social front, we have more than doubled the number of people with access to healthcare under NHIF. And in addition, elderly Kenyans numbering more than 700,000 amount to ease their lives. But all this fellow Kenyans cost money. Your taxes have paid for clear and touchable progress.

Funding devolution to a tune of over one trillion Kenya Shillings since 2013 was our bold decision. Fighting corruption and demolishing illegal structures is a bold decision to some while it remains unpopular to others. Initiating major social protection programs for the vulnerable in our society is bold decision. All of this Fellow Kenyans, we have done without any substantial increase in taxes over the period.

Fellow Kenyans i now wish to address myself to the question of VAT on the petroleum products. But before i do so i would like to mention two thongs.

Reforms to the VAT taxation was first introduces in the VAT act of 2013. Under the transitional plans passed by the parliament, certain good including petroleum products were to be exempt from the VAT to allow for the gradual implementation of the new tax.

This exemption were set to expire in August of 2016 but was extended for the far period of two years to the end of August 2018.

The purpose of this tax was simple. We have to pay for the new constitutional order as well as the public services on which Kenyans depend alike and this cost money.

Further delay in the implementation of the tax will compromise our ability to deliver basic services to Kenyans and to maintain the trajectory  of our development.

Fellow Kenyans, i have spent the last few days  listen to a wide cross section of opinions. And it is clear that you are all troubled by the effects of the rise in the prices of petroleum products and its impact on the cost of living. I have heard and understand your concerns which is why i have proposed as part of my memorandum to cut VAT on petroleum products by 50%. this means from 16% to 8%.

Should parliament accept this proposal, the price of super petrol will drop from the current price of Ksh. 127 to about Ksh. 118. And diesel will drop from Ksh.115 to about Ksh. 107.

Just as business owners took the new VAT rate as an opportunity to increase the cost of goods and services, i expect them not to take the advantage of fellow Kenyans and to lower their prices commentary without any delay. That done fellow Kenyans we still facing a financing gap. This measure alone will not balance our budget as required by law.

Therefore i have further proposed wide range in cuts in spending across all arms of government. The cuts target less essential spending such as hospitality, foreign and domestic travel, training and seminars and other similar categories. This budget cuts ask all of us in government that we tighten our belts. It also ensure that the sacrifices made by the tax and compliance Kenyans are matched by discipline from all of us in the public service.

I want to assure Kenyans that their taxes will be used well and that is why in my memorandum, i have also propose to increase the resources available to the institutions entrusted to fight corruption specifically i have increase funding to the judiciary to speed up the completion of cases concerning corruption and economic crimes.

Further, i have increase allocation to the office of the DPP as well as the other investigative agencies. I expect this bodies to work closely together to help us restore our faith in public institutions.

Fellow Kenyans, as president it is my first responsibility to put Kenyans first,hose living today and your children who will inherit this country tomorrow. This means i must make a delicate balance between short term pain and long term gain.

Fellow Kenyans we have a country to transform and we must make bold decisions to achieve our vision. I ask all Kenyans to join me and for all of us to join hands to work together for us to achieve this common vision of a free, just, democratic, socially inclusive and a society which shares prosperity for all.

I thank you and my God bless Kenya.



President Uhuru Kenyatta Rejects Finance Bill 2018. 16% VAT To Stay.

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President Uhuru Kenyatta has rejected the finance bill 2018, a bill that was seeking to suspend implementation of 16 per cent VAT on petroleum products for two years. President Uhuru Kenyatta  had 14 days to approve or reject it.

Many kenyans have been waiting and hoping that president Uhuru Kenyatta will sign it.  Speaker of the national assembly had sent the bill to the office of the president on 13th of September and it happened that at this time the president was outside the country. President Uhuru Kenyatta has therefore rejected it and has sent it back to parliament. Reports from our sources is that the national assembly is set to hold a special sitting on Tuesday, 18th of September 2018.

As Kenyans were waiting for the president decision on the same finance bill, there hope was that president was going to consider the situation Kenyans are facing after the 16 VAT on petroleum products. According to the reactions from Kenyans now is that they are disappointed by this and they feel that no one now is out there to represent or rather to speak for them since the president was their last hope.

Kanze Dena who is the deputy spokesperson in the office of the president has announce that president Uhuru Kenyatta set to address the Nation tomorrow, 14th of September 2018 following consultations on the VAT matter with the leadership of the National Assembly. This might be meant to explain to Kenyans why he rejected it and what next.

Kenyans are already facing hard life since the cost of living is going at a rate they don’t give them hope for a good future in Kenya. While President Uhuru Kenyatta was in China, many Kenyans complained that our country is headed to a wrong direction because of the excess borrowing from China.

Reports also says that Chinese government are now financing alot of projects in specifically African countries. It is also reported that China has taken over some properties in some of the African countries that did not manage to pay back debt to the Chinese.

Some Members of parliament lead by Gatundu member of parliament Moses Kuria supported the 16% VAT saying that Kenyans must pay taxes without complaining. Moses Kuria said that he is even ready to lose friends and stand with his principles.

“Yes. I am supporting 16% VAT on fuel. I am not ashamed of it. I am not pretentious. And yes I know I will lose some of my friends and supporters. But my principles are more important to me as a Christian, a leader and a man who went to the river and not for fetching water to build a mud-walled house.” Moses Kuria

While Kenyans was feeling disappointed after president Uhuru rejects the finance bill 2018, Moses Kuria seems to have been a happy man as he congratulated the president for returning the finance bill to the parliament.

” I am not pretentious. And yes I know I will lose some of my friends and supporters. But my principles are more important to me as a Christian, a leader and a man who went to the river and not for fetching water to build a mud-walled house. ” Tweet from Moses Kuria.

Cabinet secretary Henry Rotich had earlier given hopes to Kenyans after meeting with the president that they will review the VAT on petroleum products after the public outcry. Surprisingly, the finance bill is now reject. This mean Kenyans will continue paying high taxes on petroleum product. The fear is that, the prices of other products in the market will go up after many business people sent a signal. Remember for every commodity to reach to the market, there must be transport. Already Kenyans are paying to much for their Matatu fare.

Many Kenyans are now blaming the Jubilee government and the fact that Raila Odinga who use to fight for then a times as an opposition leader is now in the government and is currently speaking less on many issues. He has been commenting less on corruption issues not like before  handshake. According to Kipchumba Murkomen, the president decision to reject the finance bill is in the best interest of our country however painful it will be.

Embakasi east member of Parliament, Hon. Babu Owino says that it is sad and discauraging that president Uhuru Kenyatta has reject the finance bill 2018.


Gov. Okoth Obado Finally Speaks In Relation To The Murder Of Sharon.

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Below is a statement or words from Migori governor, Okoth Obado has on today 12th of September breaks his silence concerning the murder of Rongo university student, Sharon Otieno. Okoth Obado was addressing the media and this is what he had to say;

” I want to take this opportunity to thank the people of Migori, my supporters, the general electorate and the well wishers who have been with me in prayers. Am also asking you to still be with me in prayers in all this endeavors.

As a law abiding citizen, i want to state here very clearly and very categorically that i have nothing and absolutely nothing to do with the cruel death of Rongo university student, Sharon Otieno. And i want to ask all our government agencies, all the agencies that are mandated with the investigations to speed up there work so that the real killers can be brought to book as fast as possible. Yesterday i went to cord my statement on this matter.

I want to call upon our politicians and other leaders and even the media to avoid unnecessary punishment and proclamation so that our  government agencies that are in charged with investigation are given time to do there job.

Last but not least, let me take this opportunity to thank you members of the fourth estate for taking your time to come for this press briefing. Allow me to introduce my family, they are not all but i have one of my daughters here,  i also have one of my sons and my wife is also here. Am also accompanied by my staffs and my political advisers and also my chief of staff. And given that the murder is still under investigations ladies and gentlemen, i don’t think it is fair for you to ask me questions. The best thing is to give room to us and other agencies to carry on their investigations. Thank you.”

While addressing the media, governor Okoth Obado did not talk about whether he knew Sharon Oteino or no. he did not allow the journalist to ask him question. Earlier it was reporter that governor Okoth Obado had admitted that he knew Sharon Otieno but he is not the one who impregnated her.

But according to information from the mother of Sharon Otieno is that, her daughter had reveals that she was in a relationship with the governor but things went wrong after realizing that she was pregnant. It was reported that governor Okoth Obado had asked her to do an abortion but Sharon Otieno refused and that is where it is suspected that the whole drama started.

Governor Mike Sonko had earlier while in an event says that gov. Okoth Obado is the one behind the murder of Sharon Oteino. According to Mike Sonko, Okoth Obado should be jailed and be charged with murder case. Sonko Said that Many fear talking about the matter, calling a spade a spade and that is the reason that it will be difficult for the family of Sharon to get justice.

Governor Okoth Obado’s personal assistant who is suspected to be the one behind the murder was arrested and transferred to Nairobi, Kilimani law courts. Oyamo will remain in cells for the next 14 days to give room for further investigations.

As per his statement above, he was accompanied by some of his family members, his wife, on of his son and her daughter. He was also accompanied by some of his staff from the county. During the press briefing, governor Okoth Obado’s wife looks like a very sad woman. Is it because her husband was accused or because she feels her husband let her down?

Sharon Otieno’s Mother Blamed.

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The mother of the late Sharon Otieno, 26 years old Rongo university student was killed and her body dumped in a forest has been blamed also to an extent for failing as a mother. According to our report is that Sharon Otieno was married and she was a mother of 3 but she left her matrimonial home and went back to her parents where she was welcomed back.

Discussion about Sharon Otieno’s murder has been the main topics on most of the television stations in Kenya, Radio station, Churches and even on the social media platforms. Steve Biko had to joined the discussions about Sharon Otieno’s on social media where he accused the mother of Sharon Otieno saying that she knew the story of her daughter and the accused persons but she failed to give good and right advice to her daughter  who was later killed According to Steve Sharon Otieno got what she deserved . Below is a quoted massage from Steve Biko;

“A lot has been said about this saga but i feel something critical is being left out that requires thorough considerations. Ever noticed that almost always when a case involves a child that has gone rogue (becomes a thug or prostitute) there is always a mother behind the scenes that condoned their behavior in one way or another? this fact is always spoken of by neighbors and relatives in low tones but i think its about time it should be addressed by society. Take this case for instance: A mother of 3 leave her matrimonial home for God knows what reason and jets back to back to her parents home. What happens? The mother receives her with open arms and even goes ahead to play nanny for her kids as she goes on her co-curricula activities un interrupted. I am ready and willing to bet any of you that this woman was a co- conspirator in her ill fated plans to extort whoever had got her pregnant. she failed to advise her daughter accordingly and essentially cheered her on as she got entwined in her sexual life of filth that in the end consumed her very life. its because of this that i dare say, i do not feel for her. she got what she deserved .”

Further more reports from our sources says that Mogori Governor Okoth Obado was called to Director of Criminal Investigations offices in Kisumu for questioning since his name was also mention and have been mention alot in relation to the murder of Sharon Otieno. It is alleged that governor Okoth Obado is the one who impregnated Sharon Otieno. It is reported that governor Okoth Obado had asked Sharon Otieno to do an abortion but Sharon rejects the suggestion which later lead to disagreement between the two.

Kenyans who are following the case of Sharon Otieno carefully have accused the media houses in Kenya for not telling everything which is happening.

Again, many people have complained that, Barrack Oduor, nation media journalist is not telling the truth on what exactly happened the day they were abducted. They say that something Barrack Oduor is saying does not add up which suggest that he is hiding something.

Among those who believe that Barrack Oduor is not saying the truth is Dr. Miguna Miguna. According to Miguna, how Barrack Oduor escaped or jumped out of the speeding vehicle is not clear.

According to Miguna, the Barrack Oduor story is for monkeys with IQ of 50 in a sense that if anybody jumps out of a vehicle being driven at 100 kilometers per hour, he does not land on his knee. He lands on his head or neck and shoulders. He will have broken ribs, bones and possibly a broken neck. Not bruised knees and again if Barrack Oduor, a small man, was sandwiched between two men in a four wheeler, one of the men would have fallen out with him as he jumped.Why  the men did not  shoot at him if they had weapons as claimed by Barrack?  More significantly, where was Sharon Otieno in the vehicle? .

Jeff Koinange Reject A Suggestion To Invite Okoth Obado To JKL.

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Jeff Koinange who is a senior  journalist in Kenya and currently working at Citizen television station reacted negatively to a suggestion from one of his fun who asked or rather suggested that Jeff Koinange should invite Migori Governor Okoth Obado to his show, Jeff Koinange Live (JKL), a show which is currently aired on Citizen Television at 9 Pm every week.

Gibbs suggested that Migori governor Okoth Obado be invited to Jeff Koinange Live to discuss or rather tell Kenyan ladies to how to escape or deal with sponsors who are politicians. Gibbs did that through his twitter account and from Jeff Koinange’s point of view is that, it was an insult.

It did not take long before Jeff Koinange sent a reply to Gibbs saying that the Gibbs suggestion was not funny at all and meaningless. Jeff Koinange to consider if the case was to involve his wife or her sister and even his mother.

Jeff Koinange Live show is mostly more of political discussions and sometimes inspirational topics. Most of the quest who have appeared on the show are politicians.On the latest show, Jeff Koinange had invited Kirinyaga governor, Ann Waiguru. Ann Waiguru was once a cabinet secretary for devolution during the first term of president Uhuru Kenya but later she resigned after she was accused of stealing public money while in the office.

On the show Waiguru defend herself saying the no one has ever produced evidence to show that indeed she stole money or she was in connection to the missing of national youth service money. Wairugu said that she had to take Orange Democratic Movement Party leader, Hon Raila Odinga for accusing her falsely.

Before Ann Waiguru, the man who was on the bench was Francis Atwoli. While live on television, Jeff Koinange asked him about his relationship with KTN news Swahili anchor, Mary Kilobi. Jeff went to an extent of asking the atwoli whether he is still active on bed following the fact that Francis Atwoli is far older than Mary Kilobi. It was after this show when many of Jeff Koinange’s show viewers complained saying that it was very wrong for Jeff Koinange to ask Francis Atwoli such a question on a live television.

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Jeff Koinange journey as a journalist has never been easy, he has worked for the biggest television stations in Kenya including K24 and KTN. While in KTN hosting the same show, Jeff Koinange Live show, there is a day Jeff Koinange invited Dr. Miguna Miguna and Esther Passaris who is now Nairobi County women Representative to the show.  By then both Dr. Miguna Miguna and Esther Passaris were vying for governor in Nairobi county. While on the show, Dr. Miguna Miguna attack Esther Passaris with alot of funny words that was not fair to be said on a live show that is watched by more than one million people. Jeff Koinange was accused of giving time to Dr. Miguna Miguna to attack Esther Passaris without ant intervention. And that is believed to have been what showed exit to Jeff Koinange from KTN.

Since then Jeff has been very careful on his show as in who to invite and what to discuss on the show. So when he gets man on the suggestion to invite governor Okoth Obado to discuss funny things, is understandable. Governor Okoth Obado’s name has been mention alot on the ongoing case concerning the murder of Sharon Otieno, 12 years old Rongo university student. Sharon was abducted and later killed and so far governor Okoth Obado’s personal assistant and former Kanyadoto ward member of county assembly are in custody being the main suspects on the case.

Sonko Ashamed Okoth Obado On Sharon’s Case. ” Useless Man.”


Nairobi Governor, Mike Mbuvi Sonko said that Migori governor Okoth Obado is the main suspect in the case involving the murder of the university student Sharon Otieno and her unborn child. Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko said that without any fear of contradiction  as he ashamed the Migori governor Obado as a useless man ever.

” Most of you fear telling the truth on the case of Sharon Otieno, the main suspect is mu fellow governor Okoth Obado. Shame on you!! Shenzi type.”

Speaking at a function, governor Mike Sonko said that postmortem results reveals that Sharon Otieno was stabbed  six times. He added  the killers decided to kill Sharon Otieno and her unborn baby because governor Okoth Obado had asked Sharon to do an abortion but Sharon refused. Governor Mike Sonko said that governor Okoth Obado is a useless man having even failed to use protection which could have avoid the pregnancy that later lead to argument and the final results was the murder of Sharon.

Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko angrily warned Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), Noordin Haji and Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI), George Kinoti not to gamble with the lives of Kenyans. Sonko said that alot of Kenyans are crying for justice and they really deserve it.

Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko said that Migori governor Okoth Obado must be jailed and charged with murder because the results are out and there is no need of beating around the bush looking for the suspect.

” Am saying, Director of Public Prosecutions, Noordin Haji And George Kinoti, Director of Criminal Investigations, should not to play with the lives of people who are crying for justice. Arrest Obado and charge him with Murder case.”

Governor Mike Sonko also warned governor  Josphat Nanok, Chairman of Counsel of Governors and Turkana county governor not to dare call governors for press conference in solidarity with the fellow governor who sonko termed him as a murderer.

“Am telling chairman of council of governors Josphat Nanok not to dare call us for press conference to assist a murderer. We can not assist a murderer.”

Earlier governor Okoth Obado had sent a warning yo all people or bloggers who are dragging him to the murder of Sharon Otieno. Obado said that he has directed his lawyer to watch over all those who are accusing him on the case as he promise to file a case against then for tarnishing his name. He had earlier admitted that he knows Sharon but he did not make her pregnant.

It was also reported that two more suspects were arrested to assist in the case concerning the murder of Sharon Otieno.

Director Of Public Prosecutions, Noordin Haji has however cautioned the public against jumping into the conclusion on investigations into the murder of Sharon Otieno. This is following opinion from Kenyans who according to them is that the murderers who were the ring leaders are already known. Most Kenyans made conclusions on this case when the parents of the late Sharon Otieno reveals what Sharon was undergoing and what happened as he connect the case to Senior county official of Migori County. Further more, when the Journalist, Barrack Oduor who was allegedly kidnapped together with Sharon Otieno Spoke on what happened, alot was revealed and that is how many Kenyans made their conclusion but many fear speaking out their conclusion.

The family of Sharon Otieno asked the public not to politicize the case of their daughter saying that what they only want is justice for Sharon. The family are now in a difficult situation after it was reported that one of the relatives died after receiving the sad news on the murder of Sharon Otieno.