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Safaricom Loan Interest Per Day

I heard the new safaricom quick loan service charges interest per day!! Per day!! It got me thinking, we as a culture never have money discipline, we are shouting how the govt is borrowing and borrowing with no end, yet

Kenya To Lose Mombasa Port To Chinese. “Don’t Blame Me.”

  Kenya is at the cross road since it is broke and it looks like Kenya can not afford afford to pay loans to the Chinese. While speaking in the senate, Senator Ledama Olekina said that Kenyans should not come

Chinese Businessman In Nairobi Reffer President Uhuru As “Monkey”

  A Chinese businessman who is reported to be selling motorbikes in Nairobi was recorded while threatening of of his Kenyan employee and on the video he said that all Kenyans including president Uhuru Kenya are ‘Monkeys’. He said alot

President Uhuru’s Goodies From China.

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  On Tuesday 4th of September 2018, president of Kenya His Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta left China after two days meeting with Chinese president and other African leaders. President Uhuru Kenyatta came back to Kenya Kenya with a bag of goodies.

Difficult Life Ahead In Kenya As Petroleum Products Prices Goes Up .

  Kenyans are now leaving in fear that their life ahead seems to be showing signs of difficulty as the 16% VAT on fuel takes effect.  On 1st of September many Kenyans were expecting the prices of petroleum products prices