Shocking Facts About Pumwani Maternity Hospital.

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Many people from Nairobi County and even those outside the city county normally support Gov. Mike Mbuvi Sonko   on many issues regarding, cartels, land grabbing and beautification of Nairobi City County. Governor Mike Sonko is well know to be a leader who normally fights tirelessly for the poor in society.

However, many Kenyans are now strongly  against the PR stunt Gov Mike Mbuvi Sonko pulled yesterday at Pumwani Maternity Hospital without caring to establish facts about the maternity hospital after getting information  from an uninformed member of public. Below are facts about the Pumwani maternity hospital.

Facts About Pumwani Maternity Hospital.

  1. Pumwani maternity hospital has no morgue. Never has. All bodies of the deceased mothers, newborns and stillbirths are collected by the city mortuary morticians in the morning. Before, the bodies was collected daily but nowadays it happens on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays of every week.
  2.  For little angels who pass on before birth or in the new born units due to complications at Pumwani maternity hospital, the families have the option of taking them to bury or they can give them up and the hospital then has them buried. This happens in both public and private sector, permissible by law.
  3.  There are no body bags in the Pumwani maternity hospital to keep the deceased in before transfer to the morgue. Hospital staff have to do with what is available. Carton boxes and plastic disposal bags are the most available temporary storage for these little angels.
  4.  Every deceased person, irrespective of age, is registered in the death notification register provided by the registrar of persons (births and deaths). Each of these little ones is moved to city mortuary with an attached notification. They are not just statistics. Pumwani maternity hospital has accounted for 6 deaths in the period between Friday 14th to Sunday 16th. Only 6 deaths are listed. This number is against 156 deliveries conducted in the said period. Being a referral hospital receiving complicated cases, this is not uncommon.
  5. But did governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko bother to find out this? No. He chose to call it sinister because he did not understand it. He proceeded to suspend the team without investigation.
  6. Healthcare in Kenya is in the dumps right now. It is decisions like this that bury it further. Nairobi’s scorecard is not looking good. Then again, how can it when top leadership prefers to rule in this manner? Populist actions won’t stop babies from dying.


  •  Apologize Publicly to the senior administration staff of Pumwani Maternity Hospital for suspending them because he may have been wrongly advised by some malicious characters.
  • Lift the unlawful suspension of the senior staff whom you suspended irregularly based on misplaced emotions yesterday.
  • Budget for adequate incubators for Pumwani Maternity Hospital. Enough Incubators is what is required in any maternity hospital.
  • Increase the budgetary allocations for body bags at Pumwani Maternity Hospital as people of Nairobi are waiting for the prioritization and construction of a state of the art morgue at the hospital.
  • Budget for the construction of a state of the art morgue at Pumwani Maternity Hospital and set aside adequate funds for its operations and maintenance. It might just be the legacy you leave behind for  people of Nairobi county to remember you for once you leave office.
  • Budget for an incinerator for the hospital.
  • And lastly sack all your advisers on matters county health and replace them with knowledgeable individuals with requisite competencies on matters health.

Live of every Kenyan must be protected at all cost, health issues are very delicate and therefore requires a good running system with no mistake because any mistake is likely to cost a Kenyan live.

Bonface Sila Munyao
Concerned Nairobi City County Resident.