List Of Commodities Kenyans To Pay More Tax On Apart From Fuel. Kenyans Are Not Aware.

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If you think that your life is already hard and that your are already broke, then you are wrong. What you need to do is to prepare yourself because life is likely to be more harder if members of parliament will vote to approve the tax proposal memo from the president on the financial bill of 2018. There are many other commodities president Uhuru Kenyatta proposes additional taxes on but Kenyans are not aware of.

Lets look at those commodities one by one and how taxes is expected to go up on each.


So lets start with one of the most commodity in the country which is kerosene. With kerosene, president Uhuru Kenyatta is introducing Ksh. 18 tax per every litre of kerosene under the name adulteration tax. Kerosene currently retails at Ksh. 97.70 in Nairobi which factors in tth 165 VAT. Now with the new tax, that price is expected to go up from ksh. 97.70 to ksh. 112.15.

Mobile Airtime And Mobile Data.

Mobile data charges and  mobile talk time services. Am sure most of the Kenyans have mobile phones and now  as things does by, using your phone is now going to be expensive. Currently people have been complaining on how their airtime and data bundles are running out. This is even about to get more costly as the president proposes that the tax moves from the current 10% to 15%. This simply means that currently for every one Ksh. 100 you spent buying airtime or data bundles, ksh. 10 goes to tax but now if the president proposal is approved, for every Ksh. 100 you spent, Ksh. 15 goes to tax.

Mobile Money Cash Transfer e.g M-Pesa.

What the president want is you to pay more taxes to move money across mobile platforms like M-peasa, Airtel money and many more. In the 2018/2019 budget, the treasury cabinet secretary Henry Rotich had propose to increase the tax on mobile money cash transfer from the current 10% to 12% but then many people complained but now president Uhuru Kenyatta is proposing to increase this tax to a farther 20%.


For the betting lovers who normally bet on sportpesa and other betting sites, president Uhuru Kenyatta proposes that for every winning, you are required to pay a tax of 20%. This means if you win for example Ksh. 100,000 you will have to pay Ksh. 20,000 tax. Unlike before where you could take all your winnings. But as the president propose to tax the winnings.

Housing Plan.

The current budget proposes a housing tax of 1%. 0.5% contribution by the employer and 0.5% contribution by the employee but members shoot down the proposal. However, president Uhuru Kenyatta not only want this tax to stay but to increase this tax to 3%. 1.5% from the employer and 1.5% from the employee.


This is a bitter proposal for the chocolate lovers as the president proposes that for every kilo of chocolate you are going to buy, you will be required to pay tax of Ksh. 20. This simply means for every Ksh. 1000 you spent on chocolates, Ksh. 200 goes to taxes.

Bank Fees.

President Uhuru Kenyatta propose to increase bank fees from the current 10% to 20% on every transaction you make. This means for instant the normal Ksh. 30 you pay for ATM transaction, the government will take Ksh. 6 instead of Ksh. 3. This also means it will also affect bank revenues. And it is likely to be passed on to you and increase the amount you are charged on transaction.

So all those are alot of taxes you need to prepare yourselves for. That is what the president wants and his wish may just be your command if the national assembly gives the memo a green light as the government seeks to raise more money for the development agenda popularly known as BIG 4.

Gov. Okoth Obado Finally Speaks In Relation To The Murder Of Sharon.

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Below is a statement or words from Migori governor, Okoth Obado has on today 12th of September breaks his silence concerning the murder of Rongo university student, Sharon Otieno. Okoth Obado was addressing the media and this is what he had to say;

” I want to take this opportunity to thank the people of Migori, my supporters, the general electorate and the well wishers who have been with me in prayers. Am also asking you to still be with me in prayers in all this endeavors.

As a law abiding citizen, i want to state here very clearly and very categorically that i have nothing and absolutely nothing to do with the cruel death of Rongo university student, Sharon Otieno. And i want to ask all our government agencies, all the agencies that are mandated with the investigations to speed up there work so that the real killers can be brought to book as fast as possible. Yesterday i went to cord my statement on this matter.

I want to call upon our politicians and other leaders and even the media to avoid unnecessary punishment and proclamation so that our  government agencies that are in charged with investigation are given time to do there job.

Last but not least, let me take this opportunity to thank you members of the fourth estate for taking your time to come for this press briefing. Allow me to introduce my family, they are not all but i have one of my daughters here,  i also have one of my sons and my wife is also here. Am also accompanied by my staffs and my political advisers and also my chief of staff. And given that the murder is still under investigations ladies and gentlemen, i don’t think it is fair for you to ask me questions. The best thing is to give room to us and other agencies to carry on their investigations. Thank you.”

While addressing the media, governor Okoth Obado did not talk about whether he knew Sharon Oteino or no. he did not allow the journalist to ask him question. Earlier it was reporter that governor Okoth Obado had admitted that he knew Sharon Otieno but he is not the one who impregnated her.

But according to information from the mother of Sharon Otieno is that, her daughter had reveals that she was in a relationship with the governor but things went wrong after realizing that she was pregnant. It was reported that governor Okoth Obado had asked her to do an abortion but Sharon Otieno refused and that is where it is suspected that the whole drama started.

Governor Mike Sonko had earlier while in an event says that gov. Okoth Obado is the one behind the murder of Sharon Oteino. According to Mike Sonko, Okoth Obado should be jailed and be charged with murder case. Sonko Said that Many fear talking about the matter, calling a spade a spade and that is the reason that it will be difficult for the family of Sharon to get justice.

Governor Okoth Obado’s personal assistant who is suspected to be the one behind the murder was arrested and transferred to Nairobi, Kilimani law courts. Oyamo will remain in cells for the next 14 days to give room for further investigations.

As per his statement above, he was accompanied by some of his family members, his wife, on of his son and her daughter. He was also accompanied by some of his staff from the county. During the press briefing, governor Okoth Obado’s wife looks like a very sad woman. Is it because her husband was accused or because she feels her husband let her down?

Sharon Otieno’s Mother Blamed.

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The mother of the late Sharon Otieno, 26 years old Rongo university student was killed and her body dumped in a forest has been blamed also to an extent for failing as a mother. According to our report is that Sharon Otieno was married and she was a mother of 3 but she left her matrimonial home and went back to her parents where she was welcomed back.

Discussion about Sharon Otieno’s murder has been the main topics on most of the television stations in Kenya, Radio station, Churches and even on the social media platforms. Steve Biko had to joined the discussions about Sharon Otieno’s on social media where he accused the mother of Sharon Otieno saying that she knew the story of her daughter and the accused persons but she failed to give good and right advice to her daughter  who was later killed According to Steve Sharon Otieno got what she deserved . Below is a quoted massage from Steve Biko;

“A lot has been said about this saga but i feel something critical is being left out that requires thorough considerations. Ever noticed that almost always when a case involves a child that has gone rogue (becomes a thug or prostitute) there is always a mother behind the scenes that condoned their behavior in one way or another? this fact is always spoken of by neighbors and relatives in low tones but i think its about time it should be addressed by society. Take this case for instance: A mother of 3 leave her matrimonial home for God knows what reason and jets back to back to her parents home. What happens? The mother receives her with open arms and even goes ahead to play nanny for her kids as she goes on her co-curricula activities un interrupted. I am ready and willing to bet any of you that this woman was a co- conspirator in her ill fated plans to extort whoever had got her pregnant. she failed to advise her daughter accordingly and essentially cheered her on as she got entwined in her sexual life of filth that in the end consumed her very life. its because of this that i dare say, i do not feel for her. she got what she deserved .”

Further more reports from our sources says that Mogori Governor Okoth Obado was called to Director of Criminal Investigations offices in Kisumu for questioning since his name was also mention and have been mention alot in relation to the murder of Sharon Otieno. It is alleged that governor Okoth Obado is the one who impregnated Sharon Otieno. It is reported that governor Okoth Obado had asked Sharon Otieno to do an abortion but Sharon rejects the suggestion which later lead to disagreement between the two.

Kenyans who are following the case of Sharon Otieno carefully have accused the media houses in Kenya for not telling everything which is happening.

Again, many people have complained that, Barrack Oduor, nation media journalist is not telling the truth on what exactly happened the day they were abducted. They say that something Barrack Oduor is saying does not add up which suggest that he is hiding something.

Among those who believe that Barrack Oduor is not saying the truth is Dr. Miguna Miguna. According to Miguna, how Barrack Oduor escaped or jumped out of the speeding vehicle is not clear.

According to Miguna, the Barrack Oduor story is for monkeys with IQ of 50 in a sense that if anybody jumps out of a vehicle being driven at 100 kilometers per hour, he does not land on his knee. He lands on his head or neck and shoulders. He will have broken ribs, bones and possibly a broken neck. Not bruised knees and again if Barrack Oduor, a small man, was sandwiched between two men in a four wheeler, one of the men would have fallen out with him as he jumped.Why  the men did not  shoot at him if they had weapons as claimed by Barrack?  More significantly, where was Sharon Otieno in the vehicle? .

Jeff Koinange Reject A Suggestion To Invite Okoth Obado To JKL.

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Jeff Koinange who is a senior  journalist in Kenya and currently working at Citizen television station reacted negatively to a suggestion from one of his fun who asked or rather suggested that Jeff Koinange should invite Migori Governor Okoth Obado to his show, Jeff Koinange Live (JKL), a show which is currently aired on Citizen Television at 9 Pm every week.

Gibbs suggested that Migori governor Okoth Obado be invited to Jeff Koinange Live to discuss or rather tell Kenyan ladies to how to escape or deal with sponsors who are politicians. Gibbs did that through his twitter account and from Jeff Koinange’s point of view is that, it was an insult.

It did not take long before Jeff Koinange sent a reply to Gibbs saying that the Gibbs suggestion was not funny at all and meaningless. Jeff Koinange to consider if the case was to involve his wife or her sister and even his mother.

Jeff Koinange Live show is mostly more of political discussions and sometimes inspirational topics. Most of the quest who have appeared on the show are politicians.On the latest show, Jeff Koinange had invited Kirinyaga governor, Ann Waiguru. Ann Waiguru was once a cabinet secretary for devolution during the first term of president Uhuru Kenya but later she resigned after she was accused of stealing public money while in the office.

On the show Waiguru defend herself saying the no one has ever produced evidence to show that indeed she stole money or she was in connection to the missing of national youth service money. Wairugu said that she had to take Orange Democratic Movement Party leader, Hon Raila Odinga for accusing her falsely.

Before Ann Waiguru, the man who was on the bench was Francis Atwoli. While live on television, Jeff Koinange asked him about his relationship with KTN news Swahili anchor, Mary Kilobi. Jeff went to an extent of asking the atwoli whether he is still active on bed following the fact that Francis Atwoli is far older than Mary Kilobi. It was after this show when many of Jeff Koinange’s show viewers complained saying that it was very wrong for Jeff Koinange to ask Francis Atwoli such a question on a live television.

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Jeff Koinange journey as a journalist has never been easy, he has worked for the biggest television stations in Kenya including K24 and KTN. While in KTN hosting the same show, Jeff Koinange Live show, there is a day Jeff Koinange invited Dr. Miguna Miguna and Esther Passaris who is now Nairobi County women Representative to the show.  By then both Dr. Miguna Miguna and Esther Passaris were vying for governor in Nairobi county. While on the show, Dr. Miguna Miguna attack Esther Passaris with alot of funny words that was not fair to be said on a live show that is watched by more than one million people. Jeff Koinange was accused of giving time to Dr. Miguna Miguna to attack Esther Passaris without ant intervention. And that is believed to have been what showed exit to Jeff Koinange from KTN.

Since then Jeff has been very careful on his show as in who to invite and what to discuss on the show. So when he gets man on the suggestion to invite governor Okoth Obado to discuss funny things, is understandable. Governor Okoth Obado’s name has been mention alot on the ongoing case concerning the murder of Sharon Otieno, 12 years old Rongo university student. Sharon was abducted and later killed and so far governor Okoth Obado’s personal assistant and former Kanyadoto ward member of county assembly are in custody being the main suspects on the case.

Comrade: “I Will Not Type ‘R.I.P’ To Sharon Otieno.”


Kabianga university alumni student popularly known as Honest-liar Profesa Del-amour has a very different opinion concerning the case of Sharon Otieno, Rongo University student who was murdered. He does that through his Facebook account and here is his opinion;

” Allow me kindly not to type R.I.P to both Sharon Otieno, the 26 years old Rongo university student and her unborn 7-month foetus. NOT ME, i repeat NOT ME!!!. Hypocrites stick to your lanes!! No apologies either.

For starters, back in 2015 when i was in my 3RD year in the University Of Kabianga, a comrade in the prestigious university of Nairobi by the name Mercy Keino met with her maker and the police did nothing. We mourned, we went on the rampage, we stoned buildings, we harassed motorists, we yelled justice for her. Come on, we were just idlers. We forgot it sooner and embarked on our hard studies. A plethora of problems we had like C.A.T.s, main exams, Research and a myriad of challenges greater than the slay queen comrade Mercy Keino.

Let me tell you something, the sponsor culture championed by the Vera Sidika and the Akothee is actually a death nail. Its so widely accepted such that every campus girl has a filthy rich old married sponsor on her side. They like good life. They love splashing their opulence on their Instagram handles and social media circles.

The cassava farmer has been in the trenches for so long. And I wonder why my sisters would exchange their dignity for trips in Seychelles, for prestigious life, for a iPhone, for a expensive dinner in the Kempinski or a get-away in the Neptune Beach resort and Spa, South Coast Diani.

Pick up a pen and a paper, take notes free of charge. The sponsor you have will only USE you. There is no love. He is using you at the expense of his wealth. Remember there is a dear wife somewhere, kids, first families and above all, a reputation to highly guard. With the case of Sharon Otieno, she starts a blackmail in order to extract more coins from the sponsor.
I tell you that you STARE death with your naked eyes. He will kill you. He has nothing to lose. He will buy his justice way out. Colleagues will mourn, strike but that Is all. You are gone.
Parents kindly teach the virtue of patience to your daughters. Teach them hard work pays. Teach them life has no shortcuts. Tell them the allure of a good life by a sponsor will finally deal a big blow unto their life. Teach them not to exchange their dignity with earthly treasures. But because you can not, allow me to attempt.

To the  ladies who are on the sponsor matrix, exchanging their worth of dignity with life of opulence, kindly head to the nearest bookstore and grab an Henrik Ibsen’s book  “An Enemy of the People”. It sums it all that the municipal water running through our pipes is polluted, full of bacteria but those who point this out to the society become enemies of the people. The moral rot runs through our veins. Look at Dr. Stock-man therein.
Date someone like the cassava farmer, who in turn shall love you genuinely as you hustle your way up. He will treat you with the dignity you deserve. Better a peaceful and satisfying Ugali  taken at the backstreet dingy hotels than a chicken Tikka, Pizza and Fourth street taken from a Zanzibar gateway, that will result to grief of your members.
As I pen off, young girls, kindly study . Acquire your degree, exit the campus, get a job and your match spouse. Any other death, pregnancy and STD degree is yours not ours.”

Emotional; Barrack Oduor Narrates What Happened Before Death Of Sharon Otieno


I came to know Sharon Otieno about three to four weeks ago, that would qualify to be a month ago. By then i was in my work station within Homa Bay town in Migori County. This particular person called Lawrence Mula who is a farmer Member of County Assembly (MCA) of Kanyatoto ward within Homa Bay County. He came and told me that he has a friend who wants my help as a journalist.

On the first day i meet Sharon Otieno, i took several of her photos and that of WhatsApp Conversations. So i asked the lady; So now you have brought or have all this evidence, when did the governor supported you last financially because you claim that the governor has abandoned you? Sharon Otieno told me, “Two to three weeks ago, the governor gave me about one hundred thousands shillings.”  Then i told her  then the governor has not abandoned you because if somebody gave you one hundred thousand two to three weeks ago, how does that one now results to abandonment. She said “No, you do not understand how the governor was mistreating me, this matter of hundred thousand was nothing, i could get any amount i wanted from the governor. I could even cheat the governor am sick and he could give me two to three hundred thousand.”

Sharon Otieno played for me a recorded conversation between the governor and her. They were speaking in vernacular. The Governor was pleading with Sharon Otieno to do an abortion and Sharon was hesitant. The Governor was telling her; “If you want to be a good girl you should just do what i have told you, am going to give you money to ensure that you have done abortion, you know am a big person i can not endure such kind of shame.”

Somebody called me around 10 PM, the person identify himself as the Governor of Migori. I asked him; Where have you gotten my number? He told;  “I have gotten your number  from a friend.”  Then i asked him;  Are you aware of this lady called Sharon Otieno? He told me, ” Yes i know her.”  Then i asked him; Sharon is claiming that she is pregnant of you and you have abandoned her. He told me, “That is a matter i can either deny or agree, that particular lady wants to blackmail me with the pregnancy matter and so because of that  hold this matter you will be dealing it through my personal assistant.”

Sharon Otieno called and told me that the governor of Migori County, Okoth Obado through his personal assistance Michael Oyamo wants to meet us. Then we went with Sharon Otieno to Rongo town. On reaching Rongo town, i suggested that we have our meeting at an Hotel called Crusher. But the governor’s personal assistant suggested that we change our meeting venue. On our way we saw two men by the road side, then immediately the car parked on the road side, then they opened the car door, one of them take a seat next to Sharon and the other one next to me and immediately the car speed on. After few meters the two men started with me asking me to switch off my phone and the guy seated next to Sharon was asking her; “How have you known this guy.”

The guys had weapons. They told us that; “You guys have ever wanted to see the governor, we are talking you to see him, you don’t need to get worried.”

Those were the last conversion before i jumped out of the moving vehicle. When the vehicle went some meter, they stopped then the guy who was seated next to me and the co-driver came running towards me but i run away.