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Why President Uhuru Must Save Kenya Now And Not Tomorrow.

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  The country is going through a storm. The economy is not stable and what is worrying is that the countries that have gone through where we are now have come out beaten, shaken and some of those countries governments

Why Ruto Will Be Kenya’s 5th President In 2022.

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  It is now becoming clear that the ‘Handshake’ is all about 2022. Ruto visit to Kabarak to see former president Gideon Moi and what happens there after leaves no doubt in the minds of many Kenyans that the handshake

President Uhuru Speech AS He Address The Nation On 16% VAT.

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Fellow Kenyans, as the president i have a constitutional duty to ensure that legislative instruments presented for my signature conform to our national aspirations and fulfill government basic obligations to our people and also to ensure that they are implementable.

President Uhuru Kenyatta Rejects Finance Bill 2018. 16% VAT To Stay.

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  President Uhuru Kenyatta has rejected the finance bill 2018, a bill that was seeking to suspend implementation of 16 per cent VAT on petroleum products for two years. President Uhuru Kenyatta¬† had 14 days to approve or reject it.

Sonko Ashamed Okoth Obado On Sharon’s Case. ” Useless Man.”

  Nairobi Governor, Mike Mbuvi Sonko said that Migori governor Okoth Obado is the main suspect in the case involving the murder of the university student Sharon Otieno and her unborn child. Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko said that without any

Miguna Miguna : Uhuru Kenyatta Is Far Worse Than A “MONKEY”.

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  On 5th of September 2018, a video clip of a Chinese nationalist who was recorded referring the president of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta as a ‘monkey’¬† went viral on social media. The Chinese is reported to had been managing a

Bonny Khalwale – Impeach President Uhuru, Not Cs Rotich.

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  Following the implementation of the 16% VAT on all the petroleum products, member of parliament now wants to recall the house. Fuel retailers have also warn on the possible shortage of the product anytime. According to Bonny Khalwale, president

Hon .Junet Mohamed Tells The truth On 16% VAT On Fuel.

  Hon. Junet Mohamed is so far the only member of parliament who has told Kenyans exactly what happened before and what is happening now of the issue of 16% VAT on fuel. All Kenya leaders need to tell Kenyans

Hon. Sakaja And Hon. Murkomen At Each Other Again Over 16% VAT On Fuel.

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Hon. Sakaja And Hon. Murkomen At Each Other Again Over 16% VAT On Fuel Nairobi Senator Hon. Jonson Sakaja and Senator Murkomen are not new when it comes to online attack. The two have been attacking each other on twitter