Chinese Businessman In Nairobi Reffer President Uhuru As “Monkey”


A Chinese businessman who is reported to be selling motorbikes in Nairobi was recorded while threatening of of his Kenyan employee and on the video he said that all Kenyans including president Uhuru Kenya are ‘Monkeys’. He said alot of bad things about Kenyan people. He said Kenyans are poor, black and smelling bad.On the video, the Chinese man is heard forcing the Kenyan man to sign warning letter for a mistake that was not specified. But according to the statement from the Kenyan is that the Chinese man was diverting anger from another Kenyan. And therefore he was punishing him because he is a Kenyan.

“Kenyan; Why are you diverting the anger to me?

Chinese; Because you are a kenyan, everyone in Kenya is like a monkey, even Uhuru Kenyatta.

Kenyan; The president of this Country?

Chinese; Yes sure, you can go to court and kill me. 

Kenyan; I think you need to go back to China.

Chinese; I will fire you and after i go back to China.

Kenyan; No problem, i will not work here forever. But whatever you are doing is extremely wrong.

Chinese; I don’t care. i don’t belong here. i don’t like Kenya like monkey people.

Kenyan; Then why are you coming to do business in Kenya if you don’t like?

Chinese; For money.

Kenyan; Why is it that you need our money?

Chinese; Money is important.”

According to our sources, this Chinese businessman  works at Sonlink Limited in Ruiru along the bypass  in Nairobi, a company which  sells bikes . It is also reported that various cases of mistreatment of Kenyans have been reported about this company but COTU, Labour Ministry and Immigration department  does not care at all since no action have been taken to this company. Following the fact that we have alot of white people operating businesses in Kenya, How save are the Kenyan employees working for them?

It is however reported that the Chinese businessman have been arrested and Kenyans are waiting to see the action that will be taken against him. Some Kenyans have suggested that the man should not be deported before being taken to court for referring the president as a ‘Monkey’.

It is unfortunate that this man is caught on a camera referring president Uhuru Kenya as a monkey just a day after the president had been to China for development deals. It is reported that President Uhuru Kenyatta singed many deals with the Chinese government for the contraction of roads in Kenya and extension of Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) to Kisumu.

Photo Courtesy

Photo Courtesy

The big question from many Kenyans now is, are the Chinese people seeing Kenya as such a poor nation because Kenya has depend on them on some few projects including the Standard Gauge Railway?

Former presidential candidate Hon. Mwalimu Dida had earlier said that what Africa is doing now is the biggest auction of all time. Dida said that we are slowly selling Africa is being sold slowly. And on this Dida might be right because if foreigners have no respect to the head of state, what next?

Most of the counties in Kenya had started a campaign to reject gambling machines that Chinese brought to the country since it was seen to be a major challenge to the young people in the country. And that was a big loss the Chinese following the fact that it went even to an extent than most of this machines were demolished. Kenyan government had announced that all foreigners who are doing any kind of illegal business in Kenya will be deported back and only genuine ones will remain.


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