Comrade: “I Will Not Type ‘R.I.P’ To Sharon Otieno.”


Kabianga university alumni student popularly known as Honest-liar Profesa Del-amour has a very different opinion concerning the case of Sharon Otieno, Rongo University student who was murdered. He does that through his Facebook account and here is his opinion;

” Allow me kindly not to type R.I.P to both Sharon Otieno, the 26 years old Rongo university student and her unborn 7-month foetus. NOT ME, i repeat NOT ME!!!. Hypocrites stick to your lanes!! No apologies either.

For starters, back in 2015 when i was in my 3RD year in the University Of Kabianga, a comrade in the prestigious university of Nairobi by the name Mercy Keino met with her maker and the police did nothing. We mourned, we went on the rampage, we stoned buildings, we harassed motorists, we yelled justice for her. Come on, we were just idlers. We forgot it sooner and embarked on our hard studies. A plethora of problems we had like C.A.T.s, main exams, Research and a myriad of challenges greater than the slay queen comrade Mercy Keino.

Let me tell you something, the sponsor culture championed by the Vera Sidika and the Akothee is actually a death nail. Its so widely accepted such that every campus girl has a filthy rich old married sponsor on her side. They like good life. They love splashing their opulence on their Instagram handles and social media circles.

The cassava farmer has been in the trenches for so long. And I wonder why my sisters would exchange their dignity for trips in Seychelles, for prestigious life, for a iPhone, for a expensive dinner in the Kempinski or a get-away in the Neptune Beach resort and Spa, South Coast Diani.

Pick up a pen and a paper, take notes free of charge. The sponsor you have will only USE you. There is no love. He is using you at the expense of his wealth. Remember there is a dear wife somewhere, kids, first families and above all, a reputation to highly guard. With the case of Sharon Otieno, she starts a blackmail in order to extract more coins from the sponsor.
I tell you that you STARE death with your naked eyes. He will kill you. He has nothing to lose. He will buy his justice way out. Colleagues will mourn, strike but that Is all. You are gone.
Parents kindly teach the virtue of patience to your daughters. Teach them hard work pays. Teach them life has no shortcuts. Tell them the allure of a good life by a sponsor will finally deal a big blow unto their life. Teach them not to exchange their dignity with earthly treasures. But because you can not, allow me to attempt.

To the  ladies who are on the sponsor matrix, exchanging their worth of dignity with life of opulence, kindly head to the nearest bookstore and grab an Henrik Ibsen’s book  “An Enemy of the People”. It sums it all that the municipal water running through our pipes is polluted, full of bacteria but those who point this out to the society become enemies of the people. The moral rot runs through our veins. Look at Dr. Stock-man therein.
Date someone like the cassava farmer, who in turn shall love you genuinely as you hustle your way up. He will treat you with the dignity you deserve. Better a peaceful and satisfying Ugali  taken at the backstreet dingy hotels than a chicken Tikka, Pizza and Fourth street taken from a Zanzibar gateway, that will result to grief of your members.
As I pen off, young girls, kindly study . Acquire your degree, exit the campus, get a job and your match spouse. Any other death, pregnancy and STD degree is yours not ours.”

2 comments on “Comrade: “I Will Not Type ‘R.I.P’ To Sharon Otieno.”
  1. Patricia says:

    I don’t know the full story, but I asked this question. The guy was giving her money whenever she wants. What makes her air the issue? She had decided to misuse her body. To exchange her future with money and she was doing it secretly. She could have continue doing it the same. It is painful. It cost her life. Young ladies wanaonywa sana lakini wagumu kuelewa, wanapenda maisha mazuri. Hawana hofu ya Mungu. Yaani inauma sana. Sikuhizi hawana hata zawadi ya kuwapelekea wanaume zao. elimu inahitajika sana. They should learn to say no to unwanted sex. They should toil for better future. Yesu alikuja kuokoa kile kilichopotea. Lakini shetani alikuja kuchinja na kuuwa. Wajue kabisa wakianza kupokea hela kwa hawa wababa wenye hela zao. Mwishowe ni kifo tu.

  2. Mca Washiory Wasubukia says:

    Well Composed.

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