Emotional; Barrack Oduor Narrates What Happened Before Death Of Sharon Otieno


I came to know Sharon Otieno about three to four weeks ago, that would qualify to be a month ago. By then i was in my work station within Homa Bay town in Migori County. This particular person called Lawrence Mula who is a farmer Member of County Assembly (MCA) of Kanyatoto ward within Homa Bay County. He came and told me that he has a friend who wants my help as a journalist.

On the first day i meet Sharon Otieno, i took several of her photos and that of WhatsApp Conversations. So i asked the lady; So now you have brought or have all this evidence, when did the governor supported you last financially because you claim that the governor has abandoned you? Sharon Otieno told me, “Two to three weeks ago, the governor gave me about one hundred thousands shillings.”  Then i told her  then the governor has not abandoned you because if somebody gave you one hundred thousand two to three weeks ago, how does that one now results to abandonment. She said “No, you do not understand how the governor was mistreating me, this matter of hundred thousand was nothing, i could get any amount i wanted from the governor. I could even cheat the governor am sick and he could give me two to three hundred thousand.”

Sharon Otieno played for me a recorded conversation between the governor and her. They were speaking in vernacular. The Governor was pleading with Sharon Otieno to do an abortion and Sharon was hesitant. The Governor was telling her; “If you want to be a good girl you should just do what i have told you, am going to give you money to ensure that you have done abortion, you know am a big person i can not endure such kind of shame.”

Somebody called me around 10 PM, the person identify himself as the Governor of Migori. I asked him; Where have you gotten my number? He told;  “I have gotten your number  from a friend.”  Then i asked him;  Are you aware of this lady called Sharon Otieno? He told me, ” Yes i know her.”  Then i asked him; Sharon is claiming that she is pregnant of you and you have abandoned her. He told me, “That is a matter i can either deny or agree, that particular lady wants to blackmail me with the pregnancy matter and so because of that  hold this matter you will be dealing it through my personal assistant.”

Sharon Otieno called and told me that the governor of Migori County, Okoth Obado through his personal assistance Michael Oyamo wants to meet us. Then we went with Sharon Otieno to Rongo town. On reaching Rongo town, i suggested that we have our meeting at an Hotel called Crusher. But the governor’s personal assistant suggested that we change our meeting venue. On our way we saw two men by the road side, then immediately the car parked on the road side, then they opened the car door, one of them take a seat next to Sharon and the other one next to me and immediately the car speed on. After few meters the two men started with me asking me to switch off my phone and the guy seated next to Sharon was asking her; “How have you known this guy.”

The guys had weapons. They told us that; “You guys have ever wanted to see the governor, we are talking you to see him, you don’t need to get worried.”

Those were the last conversion before i jumped out of the moving vehicle. When the vehicle went some meter, they stopped then the guy who was seated next to me and the co-driver came running towards me but i run away.

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  1. Walter Otieno says:

    I wish The First Lady and Mrs Ruto could REACT to this cruel murder

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