Gov. Okoth Obado Finally Speaks In Relation To The Murder Of Sharon.


Below is a statement or words from Migori governor, Okoth Obado has on today 12th of September breaks his silence concerning the murder of Rongo university student, Sharon Otieno. Okoth Obado was addressing the media and this is what he had to say;

” I want to take this opportunity to thank the people of Migori, my supporters, the general electorate and the well wishers who have been with me in prayers. Am also asking you to still be with me in prayers in all this endeavors.

As a law abiding citizen, i want to state here very clearly and very categorically that i have nothing and absolutely nothing to do with the cruel death of Rongo university student, Sharon Otieno. And i want to ask all our government agencies, all the agencies that are mandated with the investigations to speed up there work so that the real killers can be brought to book as fast as possible. Yesterday i went to cord my statement on this matter.

I want to call upon our politicians and other leaders and even the media to avoid unnecessary punishment and proclamation so that our  government agencies that are in charged with investigation are given time to do there job.

Last but not least, let me take this opportunity to thank you members of the fourth estate for taking your time to come for this press briefing. Allow me to introduce my family, they are not all but i have one of my daughters here,  i also have one of my sons and my wife is also here. Am also accompanied by my staffs and my political advisers and also my chief of staff. And given that the murder is still under investigations ladies and gentlemen, i don’t think it is fair for you to ask me questions. The best thing is to give room to us and other agencies to carry on their investigations. Thank you.”

While addressing the media, governor Okoth Obado did not talk about whether he knew Sharon Oteino or no. he did not allow the journalist to ask him question. Earlier it was reporter that governor Okoth Obado had admitted that he knew Sharon Otieno but he is not the one who impregnated her.

But according to information from the mother of Sharon Otieno is that, her daughter had reveals that she was in a relationship with the governor but things went wrong after realizing that she was pregnant. It was reported that governor Okoth Obado had asked her to do an abortion but Sharon Otieno refused and that is where it is suspected that the whole drama started.

Governor Mike Sonko had earlier while in an event says that gov. Okoth Obado is the one behind the murder of Sharon Oteino. According to Mike Sonko, Okoth Obado should be jailed and be charged with murder case. Sonko Said that Many fear talking about the matter, calling a spade a spade and that is the reason that it will be difficult for the family of Sharon to get justice.

Governor Okoth Obado’s personal assistant who is suspected to be the one behind the murder was arrested and transferred to Nairobi, Kilimani law courts. Oyamo will remain in cells for the next 14 days to give room for further investigations.

As per his statement above, he was accompanied by some of his family members, his wife, on of his son and her daughter. He was also accompanied by some of his staff from the county. During the press briefing, governor Okoth Obado’s wife looks like a very sad woman. Is it because her husband was accused or because she feels her husband let her down?

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