Jeff Koinange Reject A Suggestion To Invite Okoth Obado To JKL.


Jeff Koinange who is a senior  journalist in Kenya and currently working at Citizen television station reacted negatively to a suggestion from one of his fun who asked or rather suggested that Jeff Koinange should invite Migori Governor Okoth Obado to his show, Jeff Koinange Live (JKL), a show which is currently aired on Citizen Television at 9 Pm every week.

Gibbs suggested that Migori governor Okoth Obado be invited to Jeff Koinange Live to discuss or rather tell Kenyan ladies to how to escape or deal with sponsors who are politicians. Gibbs did that through his twitter account and from Jeff Koinange’s point of view is that, it was an insult.

It did not take long before Jeff Koinange sent a reply to Gibbs saying that the Gibbs suggestion was not funny at all and meaningless. Jeff Koinange to consider if the case was to involve his wife or her sister and even his mother.

Jeff Koinange Live show is mostly more of political discussions and sometimes inspirational topics. Most of the quest who have appeared on the show are politicians.On the latest show, Jeff Koinange had invited Kirinyaga governor, Ann Waiguru. Ann Waiguru was once a cabinet secretary for devolution during the first term of president Uhuru Kenya but later she resigned after she was accused of stealing public money while in the office.

On the show Waiguru defend herself saying the no one has ever produced evidence to show that indeed she stole money or she was in connection to the missing of national youth service money. Wairugu said that she had to take Orange Democratic Movement Party leader, Hon Raila Odinga for accusing her falsely.

Before Ann Waiguru, the man who was on the bench was Francis Atwoli. While live on television, Jeff Koinange asked him about his relationship with KTN news Swahili anchor, Mary Kilobi. Jeff went to an extent of asking the atwoli whether he is still active on bed following the fact that Francis Atwoli is far older than Mary Kilobi. It was after this show when many of Jeff Koinange’s show viewers complained saying that it was very wrong for Jeff Koinange to ask Francis Atwoli such a question on a live television.

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Jeff Koinange journey as a journalist has never been easy, he has worked for the biggest television stations in Kenya including K24 and KTN. While in KTN hosting the same show, Jeff Koinange Live show, there is a day Jeff Koinange invited Dr. Miguna Miguna and Esther Passaris who is now Nairobi County women Representative to the show.  By then both Dr. Miguna Miguna and Esther Passaris were vying for governor in Nairobi county. While on the show, Dr. Miguna Miguna attack Esther Passaris with alot of funny words that was not fair to be said on a live show that is watched by more than one million people. Jeff Koinange was accused of giving time to Dr. Miguna Miguna to attack Esther Passaris without ant intervention. And that is believed to have been what showed exit to Jeff Koinange from KTN.

Since then Jeff has been very careful on his show as in who to invite and what to discuss on the show. So when he gets man on the suggestion to invite governor Okoth Obado to discuss funny things, is understandable. Governor Okoth Obado’s name has been mention alot on the ongoing case concerning the murder of Sharon Otieno, 12 years old Rongo university student. Sharon was abducted and later killed and so far governor Okoth Obado’s personal assistant and former Kanyadoto ward member of county assembly are in custody being the main suspects on the case.

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