Sharon Otieno’s Mother Blamed.


The mother of the late Sharon Otieno, 26 years old Rongo university student was killed and her body dumped in a forest has been blamed also to an extent for failing as a mother. According to our report is that Sharon Otieno was married and she was a mother of 3 but she left her matrimonial home and went back to her parents where she was welcomed back.

Discussion about Sharon Otieno’s murder has been the main topics on most of the television stations in Kenya, Radio station, Churches and even on the social media platforms. Steve Biko had to joined the discussions about Sharon Otieno’s on social media where he accused the mother of Sharon Otieno saying that she knew the story of her daughter and the accused persons but she failed to give good and right advice to her daughter  who was later killed According to Steve Sharon Otieno got what she deserved . Below is a quoted massage from Steve Biko;

“A lot has been said about this saga but i feel something critical is being left out that requires thorough considerations. Ever noticed that almost always when a case involves a child that has gone rogue (becomes a thug or prostitute) there is always a mother behind the scenes that condoned their behavior in one way or another? this fact is always spoken of by neighbors and relatives in low tones but i think its about time it should be addressed by society. Take this case for instance: A mother of 3 leave her matrimonial home for God knows what reason and jets back to back to her parents home. What happens? The mother receives her with open arms and even goes ahead to play nanny for her kids as she goes on her co-curricula activities un interrupted. I am ready and willing to bet any of you that this woman was a co- conspirator in her ill fated plans to extort whoever had got her pregnant. she failed to advise her daughter accordingly and essentially cheered her on as she got entwined in her sexual life of filth that in the end consumed her very life. its because of this that i dare say, i do not feel for her. she got what she deserved .”

Further more reports from our sources says that Mogori Governor Okoth Obado was called to Director of Criminal Investigations offices in Kisumu for questioning since his name was also mention and have been mention alot in relation to the murder of Sharon Otieno. It is alleged that governor Okoth Obado is the one who impregnated Sharon Otieno. It is reported that governor Okoth Obado had asked Sharon Otieno to do an abortion but Sharon rejects the suggestion which later lead to disagreement between the two.

Kenyans who are following the case of Sharon Otieno carefully have accused the media houses in Kenya for not telling everything which is happening.

Again, many people have complained that, Barrack Oduor, nation media journalist is not telling the truth on what exactly happened the day they were abducted. They say that something Barrack Oduor is saying does not add up which suggest that he is hiding something.

Among those who believe that Barrack Oduor is not saying the truth is Dr. Miguna Miguna. According to Miguna, how Barrack Oduor escaped or jumped out of the speeding vehicle is not clear.

According to Miguna, the Barrack Oduor story is for monkeys with IQ of 50 in a sense that if anybody jumps out of a vehicle being driven at 100 kilometers per hour, he does not land on his knee. He lands on his head or neck and shoulders. He will have broken ribs, bones and possibly a broken neck. Not bruised knees and again if Barrack Oduor, a small man, was sandwiched between two men in a four wheeler, one of the men would have fallen out with him as he jumped.Why  the men did not  shoot at him if they had weapons as claimed by Barrack?  More significantly, where was Sharon Otieno in the vehicle? .

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